Status: ONLINE
Players active 103
Players online: 16 ONLINE + 9 AFK
Uptime: 46h 20m
Tibia version: 8.6

I bought points and my code doesn't work. What is wrong?

You can report your complaint by write email to us:

Do I have to buy premium points to count on game?

You don't have to spend any money. Points can be earned in many ways:
  • competitions on facebook,

  • participation in events and raids,

  • killing the bosses,

  • recommending UnitedOTS friends,

  • and more others.

What is the reborn?

Reborn means player's experience. About reborn you can read more here.

How can I get the task?

In Enigma and Elite there is NPC which can give you a task. Also on the continent you can find NPC's which gives you a special task.

Which vocations is the best?

On server is very good balance and you can choose vocation that you play your best.

What suprises didd you prepare for players on this edition?

There are constant events, raids, many tasks, and more other. Get in and see for yourself!

What is the castle?

Castle is the private, special exp for guild. Fighting for castle takes place on mondays, wednesdays and fridays at 8pm.

Is bot allowed?

Yes, bot is allowed, but but any abuses will be punished.

What is the Special Exp?

Special is the private exp which guilds are fighting every day at 5pm.

Can I take over someone's house?

Yes, if the owner was inactive for 14 days then the house can takes over with commend /inactive.

I have a problem or found bug on server, and administation is not present, what can i do?

You can write about this on our forum

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