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Players online: 9 ONLINE + 22 AFK
Uptime: 187h 19m
Tibia version: 8.6
Players in database: 2344 Accounts in database: 1524 Guilds: 60
Castle owner: Sami Swoi
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We remove locks up to 65 Reborns for everyone!

Using Time Machine we can remove locks up to 80 Reborna!

Unlock locks with the !res command


We invite you to join our Server DISCORDA

You can't miss it! 


Have a nice game, UnitedOTS administration!

Posted by Admin on 20 Sep 2021
UPDATE 16.09.2021


1. Wprowadzono 2 nowe itemy.

Hunting Broccolis - Daje 1 hunting point.

Hunting Ananass - Daje 100 hunting points.


2. Wprowadzono EVENT ROOM

Room znajduje sie kolo depo.


3. Wprowadzono potwora: Gosh Oriental

Spotkamy go na mapie "Poszukiwacz"


4. Wprowadzono EVENT "Poszukiwacz Skarbu"


Event bedzie sie odbywal codziennie o godzinach:



Wyjasnienie nowego eventu: 

Najpierw musimy udac sie do teleportu w event roomie o nazwie "Poszukiwacz", wchodzimy w niego i musimy znalezc zejscie na tunele przedstawione w ponizszym screenie. Skrzynki beda w kazdym roomie ale ich moc bedzie losowa! Raz moze sie trafic zwykla a raz Diamentowa! Powodzenia.

Sa 2 takie roomy:

Co mozemy zdobyc z skrzynek?

CHEST - 0-750 Hunting Poin's, Upgrade Item

Frozen Chest - 750-1500 Hunting Point's, Upgrade Ring

GOLD CHEST - 1500-2000 Hunting Point's, Random Item

Diamond Chest - 2000-4000 Hunting Point's, Serce Smoka, Admin Upgrade


Milej gry zyczy Administracja UnitedOT.

Posted by Admin on 16 Sep 2021
UPDATE 07.09


1 New castle expansions have been introduced:

70 reborn - Castle Phantasm

75 reborn - Castle Spectre

80 reborn - Castle Pirate Ghost

85 reborn - Castle Hand

90 reborn - Castle Hell Fighter

95 reborn - Castle Ferumbras


2. The new map "Yala Castle" was introduced 

In the next update, there will be vendors who will want items from us.

There will also be monsters that we can meet there:

Yala Eldill [REB 0-10]

Yala Imhuir [REB 10-20]

Yala Kvamax [REB 20-30]

Yala Mehltha [REB 30-40]

Yala Procuh [REB 40-50]

Yala Galrda [REB 50-60]

Yala Lyniitt [REB 60-70]

Yala Liila [REB 70-80]

Yala Dymot [REB 80-90]

Yala Vayneta [REB 90-100]

Yala Armagedon Boss [REB 100-150]

Yala Terkall Boss [REB 150-200]

Yala Kailo Boss [REB 200-300]


More information about the items coming soon!


Greetings and enjoy the game!
UnitedOT Administration




Posted by Admin on 7 Sep 2021
UPDATE 06.09


In today's update there is an exp increase for new UnitedOT players.

Also the locks for 50th reborn and 65th time machine were removed, so that's why this decision!


GLUT - Exp Rate X10

Hacker - Exp Rate x8

Octopus - Exp Rate x8

Dundee - Exp Rate x8


We warmly welcome new players to join the game!

UnitedOT Administration.

Posted by Admin on 6 Sep 2021


We're taking off the locks to 50 Reborn for everyone!

coolWait a minute!cool

Using Time Machine we can get rid of the lock up to 65 Reborn!

To unlock locks, use the !res command


We invite you to join our Server DISCORD

You can't miss it! 


Have a nice game, UnitedOTS administration!

Posted by Admin on 4 Sep 2021
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