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Uptime: 186h 54m
Tibia version: 8.6
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Castle owner: Sami Swoi
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-Czary targetowe od 40 reborna.

-Czar obszarowy dla Elite Knighta.

-Exp rybka 

-King Legs 

-Ring Of True

-System rankingu !rank

-Krolewska Bron

-Loot potwora: Banker

-Bledy wizualne w mapie

-Balans Postaci



-Nowy pokoj do Piekla

-Mosar Wand

-Mosar Rod

-Mosar Crossbow

-Czary od 80 reborna:

ED- exevo charmer frigo

MS- exevo witcher boom

EK- exori tormentor

RP- exevo hunter stars

-Quest na spell od 80reb

-Najazd Slaugh na Desert City


Zyczymy milej gry.

Administracja UnitedOT

Posted by Admin on 4 Sep 2021
UPDATE 25.08.2021


Hell has been opened today and so we are already in a hurry to describe the system.

Where is it located?

Hell is located -1 depo, right next to the boss island.

What kind of monsters can we meet there?

Mozemy siÄ™ tam spotkać 

Potwory zwykłe: Hell Bone, Hell Splinter

Potwory BOSS: Hell Big Boss, Hell Bone Boss, Hell Splinter Boss, Hell Mosar Boss

What the hell can you get?

Unfortunately you won't get anything from normal monsters, but from bosses.

Below is a list:

Hell Big Boss

0-20 Gold Ingot's [100%].

0-2 Heart of the Dragon [25%].

Upgrade Item [20%].

King Helmet [4%]

King Armor [5%]

King Legs [4%]

Bunny Slippers [5%].

King Arms [4%]

Hell Mosar Boss

0-100 Gold Ingot [100%]

0-5 Heart of the Dragon [25%].

Upgrade Item +13 [20%]. 

Unfortunately due to such a strong boss we can't reveal much more. The only thing we've heard from the famous mosar is that he said something about magic stun items...

Let it be a surprise for our players.

When do the bosses appear?

Bosses will appear every hour. 

For example a boss will appear at 13.10 and the next one will appear at 14.10.

Where will the bosses appear?

Bosses will appear in one of the following locations:




Greetings UnitedOT Administration.


Posted by Admin on 25 Aug 2021

Posted by Admin on 23 Aug 2021

Posted by Admin on 19 Aug 2021
EVENT 13/14.08.2021

We invite you to EVENT

1. During the event, new players will be able to gain experience very quickly.

2. There will be various gifts.

3. Before and after the event, there will also be various games.

4. Welcome to our Discord:


5. Come in and have fun with us!

The Friday event will be hosted by: GOD Vexis

Saturday's event will be hosted by: GOD Michal


Regards UnitedOT Administration.

Posted by Admin on 10 Aug 2021
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